Personal Work


The Rising internship allowed me to grow as a creative future leader while being able to pursue in my creative liberties in design to spread the loving filipinx culture, experiences, and so forth. During this year long endeavor, I was able to collaborate with my fellow internship class to promote awareness, learn more about Akbayan SJSU, fundraising, community projects, and so forth.

Our mantra is S.A.Y. L.E.S.S – Sparking Ambitions Yearlong, Letting Efforts Spark Success


One of my ongoing projects serving under May Loo of Dr.Loo’s Natural Remedies by providing exceptional product design that is safe and ergonomic. These Harmony Patches are made with natural and organic ingredients to soothe tummy aches and coughs of all ages.



A brief basic daily typographic series to get the creative juices flowing over the span of a month. Each poster design encompasses different textures, colors, graphics, etc. The purpose is to hopefully give motivation.


Graphic illustrations that were created just because. By encompassing fundamental drawing skills, I encompass this into my design aspect to create pieces that resemble a portion of my personality and flair. Inconsistent consistencies is what I would like to call these projects.

SLAC at Stanford University

Collaborating with a internee for the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, I was tasked to create info graphics that would be posted around the campus to alert students and visitors alike about maintaining sustainability in the simplest ways possible and providing statistics that are harmful but informs the public.